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Snares Island Penguins

The Snares Island penguin (Eudyptes Robustus) is a crested penguin found only on The Snares Island which is a sub-antarctic island about 150 miles south of New Zealand (South Island). The species is formally rated as 'vulnerable' with approximately 25,000 breeding pairs currently existing. These penguins form small breeding colonies (sometimes as few as 10 nests) and make their nests in wooded locations often near a stream. They lay 2 eggs a few days apart and although two chicks may hatch that from the second egg laid (generally the larger) will outcompete its sibling and the small chick will often not survive (a process known as siblicide).

They are of medium size (22-25 inches in length) and have a bright yellow crest above each eye. They have pink feet, red eyes and a thick short bill. Their diet is maily krill supplemented by fish and squid.

Landing on The Snares is not permitted and these pictures were taken from a zodiac cruising very close to the coasts of the main island in November 2011.